Electric Chair.

Richard Dorfmeister

Bio and Booking

Richard Dorfmeister

How to conduct yourself as a DJ, producer and musician? Do it like Mr. Richard Dorfmeister and look for the ultimate show of professionalism and integrity. Either with the infamous sidekick Peter Kruder for Kruder and Dorfmeister or together with Rupert Huber for Tosca, Richard Dorfmeister is the epitome of expertness and professionalism.

The K&D sessions is for sure a milestone of a record and just being re-released on vinyl on limited 180 gram 5LP gatefold vinyl, re-mastered by Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood.

Richard Dorfmeisters side project Tosca released a new recording in February 2017 called GOING GOING GOING: the new album soundscapes back to their strongest musical roots based on typical Tosca ambient art rhythmic sequences, perfectly chilled and laid back songs combined with elegant sounds and sub bass.

Richard does continue spinning records and created his new and very unique DJ-Set and performed in worldwide clubs - audiences seriously went crazy all over the place! Besides the superb combination of Richards outstanding sound it is the exquisite selection of tunes that makes Richards DJ-Set such a special one.

His vast variety of new and exclusive tracks crosses borders of different electronical genres, creating a very own and deep Richard Dorfmeister sound. It is more than a welcome change to the daily club tunes we are hearing these days - a very unique DJ-Set indeed