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Earl Zinger


Deep down from the swamp delta of Berlin, D.C., and straight outta Gin Lane, Londinium:
The feral stepsons of carpet dealers and long forgotten record sellers, Don Rogall and Earl Zinger,
with their long awaited debut on the probably best label of the western hemisphere (well, now it is):

Volume 1 - released in September 2014 on Stag-O-Lee Records.
As Alan Lomax once said: " I wish i could have done them recordings with Earl and Don. "

Their tunes have been refined over and over to catch the spirit of what they had in mind when Rogall started with original 50’s and 60s Rhythm and Blues, years ago.

The music ?
A new breed of juke joint anthems.
Rock ´n Blues, dealing with some nasty boogie, jive and ingredients of exotic origin.

The show ?
a soundsystem set only or mixed with a dj set.for Don Rogall, they can also bring the Hihi Gogo team!

Earl Zingers biography would fill books: Poet, mountebank, musician, physician, beast showman, and to some extent diviner and sorcerer, he is also the orator of the public marketplace, the man adored by the crowd to whom he offers his songs and couplets. Questions of morals and politics, toothache, pious legends, scandalous tales about priests, noble ladies, and cavaliers, gossip of grog shops, and news from the Holy Land are all in his domain.
Rogall has been around, too. Jimmy Castor himself told him once to continue with the music.
His music straight from the underground, not quite complete unless you can visualize the dancers who respond to it: the solo exhibitionists like the cigar-puffing, rubber-legged man and the woman whose pelvic grinding would shame any burlesque queen, and this amid a room filled with thrusting , swaying couples including, invariably, one in which a young man's joyous movement is gradually breaking down the shy reserve of his partner - shouting out loud : “Rock 'n' Rogall !“



William Adamson trudges into view, muddied and dishevelled from his journey across the mist-shrouded, waterlogged heathland of Suffolk, bearing verse imagined and forged „Under An East Coast Moon”.
William Adamson is the new project by the very talented Rob Gallagher aka Earl Zinger. Produced by heritage futurists 2 Banks Of 4, Gallagher has created a topographical travelogue – a concept album in the truest sense – where the songs tell fragments of stories that have grown out of a small region in the Eastern Horn of England, with sounds more akin to recordings emanating from the Louisiana marshlands. William Adamson’s voyage into deepest East Anglia shares the same musical roots as Tom Waits and Dr. John.

Under an East Coast Moon has been released in March 2013 via Brownswood Recordings. An alternative “Discomix” version
of the album will be released soon.