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Kid Koala

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Kid Koala

Anyone who has ever seen the Canadian Kid Koala on his turntables knows how much heart's blood and love this musician puts into his doing. His live gigs are especially amazing because this man knows what he is doing in every second. Currently he is on the road with different projects:

Combine one piano, six space pods, seven turntables, and 250 sets of headphones with an audio science fair/gallery. What do you get? Fun for the whole family! Take a look at the Space Cadet Experience.

“Nufonia Must Fall” Live Action is a live multi-­?disciplinary adaptation of Kid Koala’s graphic novel of the same name. In this live interpretation, the story is told through real-­?time filming of miniature sets on Go Pro cameras. It is live scored on piano, strings and turntables by Kid Koala in collaboration with the Afiara Quartet with production design by K.K. Barrett and art design by Mikey Please. Discussions are in place for a world tour with performances to take place in 350-­500 capacity theatres, concert halls and galleries as well as in outdoor settings as part of film, music, theatre, technology and multi-­?disciplinary festivals. An anniversary addition of “Nufonia Must Fall” – a Go Pro -­? photographed version of the 350 page book released in 2014 and available at the shows.

Check his 12 bit Blues The Vinyl Vaudeville Tour trailer and visit his website kidkoala.com!