Electric Chair.


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Their debut album ”Lamb” performed in its original running order for the first time, including songs that have never been played live and perhaps never will again…

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In any relationship, difference is the dynamic that makes magic happen. In musical partnerships, it`s often the crucial friction that makes creative sparks fly but, a fraction too much friction, and everything´s likely to go up in smoke.

Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow understand difference more than most. They´re the first to admit that when they got together their diametrically opposing aesthetics – Lou´s devotion to The Song, Andy´s obsession with all things beats-driven and electronic and his complete disinterest in vocals - created problems. Often, the very glue that bound them together nearly saw them come unstuck. But those differences also bred a mutual respect and resulted in one of the most genuinely genre-bending dance albums of the mid-90s. Exciting times are ahead. 

listen to a their new track Backspace and Unwind on 
soundcloud. For more tracks and information check Lamb Website.