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Dimensions of Wayne Shorter Magnus Lindgren – John Beasley

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Dimensions of Wayne Shorter Magnus Lindgren – John Beasley


For the upcoming season 2024 Magnus Lindgren offers together with John Beasley and e.g. again the Bielefeld Philharmonic Orchestra a brilliant highlight of your jazz or concert series in 2024 with this extraordinary project.

Magnus Lindgren and Grammy award-winning arranger, composer, pianist and producer John Beasley have recently become a well-rehearsed team; as soloists on their instruments, as conductors in front of the orchestra or on the drawing board of new creative trends. Most recently, with their sensational arrangements for the SWR Big Band and their homage Bird Lives to Charlie Parker, they proved how a creative exchange and joint work between Stockholm and Los Angeles is possible and what this foresight can unleash for potential.

This was rewarded with a Grammy for „Best Arrangement, Instrumental“.

For the Dimensions of Wayne Shorter production, Lindgren and Beasley composed a new work for large orchestra and band especially for the Philharmonic. Last year, they still had the opportunity to personally exchange musical ideas with Wayne Shorter at his home. Wayne passed away in March of this year.

The intensive collaboration between the Philharmonic and Lindgren/Beasley has allowed the musicians‘ tonal colors and individual abilities, as well as the orchestra’s strengths, to be fully appreciated. They know the registers and write individual parts for each vocal group, for each soloist of the orchestra, in order to create the best possible result, the greatest joy of playing, the most interesting dialogue between orchestra and band, to finally merge into one sound.

Orchestra lineup


3 flutes (incl. alto + pic)

3 oboes (incl. cor anglais)

3 clarinets (incl. bass clarinet)

3 bassoons (incl. contrabassoon)


4 horns

3 trumpet

3 trombone

1 tuba






9 1st violins

7 2nd violins

5 violas

4 cellos

3 double basses