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Anne Paceo was born in 1984 and spent her childhood in Daloa, Ivory Coast, where she heard the rhythm of the great drum masters who practiced next to her family’s house. Anne Paceo chose the drums. The choice forces admiration, because the number of female drummers can still be counted on the fingers of one hand. But Anne Paceo has that certain something. And a damn good technique, which she acquired at the Paris National Conservatory.

At the age of 19, she begins a career as an accompanist with an amazing array of artists, from Archie Shepp to Philippe Catherine, through John Mc Laughlin, Charlie Haden, Rhoda Scott, Michel Legrand, Christian Escoudé, Rick Margitza, Henri Texier, China Moses, Leyla McCalla, Andy Sheppard, …. Maybe that’s where she develops her taste for world sound. At twenty-four years old.

Today Anne Paceo slips into the role of a healer with S.H.A.M.A.N.E.S, an album released in 2022 inspired by the sacred chants of the world. The album is number 1 on the French jazz charts for several weeks and journalists agree that „S.H.A.M.A.N.E.S seems to be an achievement, perhaps an apotheosis“. Télérama „Anne Paceo has established herself as one of the most important figures of the French music scene“ Libération