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Myles Sanko‘ new album comes in October

Myles Sanko will be back with his wonderful new album „Let It Unfold“.
„Let It Unfold“ represents a pivotal moment in Sanko’s musical journey, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to his artistic vision as an independent artist and visionary. The album provides listeners with a deeply intimate musical exploration, serving as a form of therapy that addresses past childhood traumas and empowers future dreams, all while radiating a hopeful energy.
Inspired by his love for soul, jazz, and hip-hop, and rhythmic influences from his Ghanaian roots, Sanko delicately blends these musical styles to create a unique contemporary sound. His distinct approach to songwriting enriches each track with emotional depth and authenticity, presenting a new level of artistic expression.
The album’s theme of self-acceptance and self-love is encapsulated in its title, symbolising the gradual process of personal growth and healing. The creation of this album has been a therapeutic endeavour for Sanko, helping him embrace his vulnerabilities and celebrate his strengths.

Releasing on 4th October!

• 05/07 – Sankt Pölten, AT
• 12/10 – Ehingen, DE
• 17/10 – Rotterdam, NL
• 18/10 – Milan, IT (TBA)
• 19/10 – Palafrugell, ES (TBA)
• 24/10 – Valencia, ES
• 25/10 – Barcelona, ES
• 26/10 – Madrid, ES (TBA)
• 07/11 – Darmstadt, DE
• 09/11 – Herford, DE
• 22/03 – Condette, FR (TBA)