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Ellas Kapell


For all we know

After the two critically acclaimed and award-winning albums ‘Longing’ and ‘What’s it all about?’, the jazz quartet Ellas Kapell are releasing their third album ‘For all we know’. With innovative arrangements, which could almost be considered original compositions, the group continues to interpret traditional music from the world of jazz. This time they are focusing on creating a musical atmosphere that allows you to both rest in the familiar as well as discover the unknown.

The theme for the album is sorrow, yet with glimpses of something more. It is through the cracks that the light flows in and with their music, Ellas Kapell wants to echo those moments when the darkness shifts and despair turns to hope. The album release is on the 10th of November 2023 on Prophone Records and is distributed by Naxos.



I get along without you very well

Autumn leaves

For all we know

How could you

Something on your mind

Softly as in a morning sunrise

Devil may care

If I should lose you

They long to be) Close to you

For all we know


About Ellas Kapell

While many have interpreted the classic jazz compositions of our time, few have done it in such innovative and creative ways as Ellas Kapell, if critics and audiences are to be believed. The four members met in 2016 and have since released three (soon) albums, won the Golden Album Reader’s Choice Award (JAZZ/Orkesterjournalen), been named the Vocal Jazz of the Year by Lira Music Magazine, as well as have been streamed over 4 million times. During the last few years, the band has toured frequently, and worked together with renowned Swedish jazz musicians such as Magnus Lindgren and Karin Hammar. In 2017, Ellas Kapell participated in the SVT documentary “Vi äger drömmarna“ (‘We own the dreams’).



“It’s not everyday you get to hear such a classic material being taken care of in such a fresh, unsought and confident way.”

Johannes Cornell – Dagens Nyheter (biggest newspaper in Sweden)


“This is a magnificent production, it’s brilliant in its entirety with emotion, energy and a great deal of playfulness”
– Bo Bjelvehammar, Opulens


“The days are over when you could call Ellas Kapell simply a tribute band. The days are also over for calling them young and promising. Because it’s in fierce competition we now choose ‘What’s It All About?’ to be the Vocal Jazz Album of the year.”
– Lira Music Magazine