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Ellas Kapell


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“Best right now!” – that’s what Swedish National Radio said when Ellas Kapell released their debut album ”Longing” in 2019, which also was awarded ”Best Album of The Year” by the readers of Swedish jazz magazine Orkesterjournalen. In November 2021 they released another successful album called ”What’s It All About?”, containing ten songs about the most important moments in life. The album also contains guest performances by internationally renowned musicians Karin Hammar on trombone and Magnus Lindgren on tenor saxophone, and was awarded “Vocal Jazz Album of the Year” by Lira Music Magazine.

Now, close to 3 million streams later, they are going into the studio to record their third album. This time they are taking the music in a slightly different direction, but still with the aim to make unique jazz standard arrangements while capturing the original atmosphere of each song. The album is to be released in the late fall of 2023. Both the previous two albums and the upcoming one are released by Prophone Records and distributed by Naxos.

Ellas Kapell

A shared enthusiasm for Ella Fitzgerald initially led the members of Ellas Kapell together, but the band soon exceeded this common denominator and took on its own shape and sound, fashioned by the four musicians. In Ellas Kapell’s music new light is shed on some of our time’s most beloved jazz compositions, sometimes in a very simple packaging with the arrangements being carried only by the fragility of lyrics and harmonies. At other times presented playfully and with equilibristic elements, showcasing both the soloists and arrangers.

Lovisa Jennervall – vocals

Manne Skafvenstedt – piano

August Eriksson – double bass

Edvin Fridolfsson – drums


“It’s not everyday you get to hear such a classic material being taken care of in such a fresh, unsought and confident way.” Johannes Cornell – Dagens Nyheter (biggest newspaper in Sweden)

“This is a magnificent production, it’s brilliant in its entirety with emotion, energy and a great deal of playfulness”
– Bo Bjelvehammar, Opulens

“The days are over when you could call Ellas Kapell simply a tribute band. The days are also over for calling them young and promising. Because it’s in fierce competition we now choose ‘What’s It All About?’ to be the Vocal Jazz Album of the year.”
– Lira Music Magazine