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Ursula Rucker


„I consider it a great gift to discover words. Sometimes something touches me. I write down a word and let it work in my head. It can take months or even a year for that word to multiply and become a text. I start, lose myself, and arrive.“ Ursula Rucker


Ursula Rucker, her, solo Poetry- Spoken word performance

Philadelphia-based poet and performance artist, Ursula Rucker, is probably one of the most exceptional artists of our time – the Queen of Spoken word. Critics and listeners across the globe have been enchanted with her captivating vocals, diverse repertoire and accessible poetic verses that Ursula unfolded in the course of her full five albums by now. Her unique work on essential social issues often had her compared to legendary poets of the Black Arts Movement, such as Sonia Sanchez and Gil Scott-Heron.


Ursula Rucker. Poetry- Spoken word & Live painting

with the actions artist, painter and sculptor Anthony Carlos Molden (based in Philadelphia).

Anthonys artwork which will be created live may be planned or improvisational. We will not know until the end of their performance what but this live art form is often contrasted with his more studied fine art compositions

She will perform a 1 hour poetry spoken word show with live painting spontaneous, unrehearsed but a multiple spun unforgettable show.


Ursula Rucker with Tim Motzer.

They know each other for many years, since the 1st time they performed many shows all over the planet.

After a short 5 years break and one year before Ursulas debut album „Supa Sista” will celebrate 25 years anniversary the two have joined forces again for a European tour, chosen some of their best tracks she has performed if it’s the newest housie ones with 2pole, Simon Doty, Hannes Bieger & Steve Bug or the most popular tracks she has produced over the years with Lil Louie Vega, etc

This is a very very special moment celebrating her newest dance music with two people live on stage.


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