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Magnus Lindgren

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Magnus Lindgren


Magnus Lindgren’s constant search for new musical paths, combined with an extraordinary talent, has given him a position in Swedish musical life that is received with respect and fascination all over the world.

Winner of several awards such as Grammis, Swedish Radio Award for Swedish Jazz Album of the Year, Orkesterjournal Gold Record, etc. and the latest at the 65th GRAMMY Awards in February 2023, Lindgren together with John Beasly & The SWR Big Band won the GRAMMY for Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella, for „Scrapple From The Apple“, from the album Bird Lives.     Listen to the full album

Magnus‘ ability to express himself on tenor saxophone, clarinet or flute bears the stamp of a true master. As a composer, he has great potential to materialize his own creative impulses. He dresses them in a melodic costume that fits perfectly into the stylistic environment available to him at the time.
But perhaps where Magnus Lindgren shines the most is in his feelings when arranging music. Greatness is in the way he assembles timbres, rhythmic figures, harmonic sequences.

Magnus is constantly working to expand his musical framework, whether through small jazz combinations, big bands, choirs with instrumental soloists, the integration of classical orchestra and jazz ensemble, Swedish folk, heavy funk rhythms, Brazilian samba or traditional African music. Structures and genres always acquire new dimensions in Magnus‘ careful hands.

Rooted in the post-bebop of modern jazz, there are influences from all corners of the world, which is reflected in Lindgren’s compositions from different decades, most of which the group performs along with covers of the treasure trove of modern jazz songs.

The desire for groove mixed with extroverted energy, as well as a minimalist, modestly challenging and playful interplay, is the group’s motto.

“Improvised music is a bridge between people. Through music we can meet people in a universal language where differences disappear and we all meet as one. Big Bands are to Jazz what the Symphony Orchestra is to Classical music. This tradition of combining large ensembles with improvisation remains something that I find most inspiring in music. This inspiration has led to the curiosity to collaborate with musicians from other backgrounds, who may have different preferences to mine.” Magnus Lindgren.

Being the 33rd year of his professional life, Magnus Lindgren is exploring the International arena even more, and is hoping for more and new collaborations and expanding his own borders.


4-5 Piece Live Band